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Please enjoy these updates, photos, & more that involve our New Jersey Day Program spaces. We update this page often so check back in with us soon for more live updates.

January 14th: National Crazy Hat Day

Today we celebrated National Hat Day at UI Rehab with some crazy hats. We worked all week long during our program hours to ensure that each client had a fun hat to wear that matched their personalities & interests. Our activity specialists made sure that we had a fun day. We also had a Crazy Hat Contest with a mocktail hour cart that toured each of our day program spaces.

December 17th: Christmas “Ugly Sweater” Party

December 10th & 11th: Cookie Baking Week at Day Program

It’s not the holiday season without cookie baking! We spent the last week at our Long Branch & Livingston day programs prepping, baking, and decorating holiday cookies with our special guest, Tiramisuzie. From choosing the type of cookie, to shopping for all of the ingredients, to baking and decorating…we have been very busy! We look forward to packaging up our cookies and donating them to client-chosen places later this week. We hope this post finds you enjoying the holiday season in every way!

Wednesday, December 8th: We are TRU!

“We want all of our visitors to know that we are a team. We are TRU.”-Jenn D., UI Livingston client

Right: Jenn, Charles, & Naty (a UI Activity Specialist) working together to create our custom wall located at the entrance of our vocational center. The letters were both designed and created by our clients and utilize a variety of creative materials.

Friday, December 10th: Hanukkah Celebration

Happy Hanukkah!

Our Long Branch facility celebrated the last day of Hanukkah with some very intense dreidel games.

Dave playing Dreidel at our Long Branch Day Program

Above: Michelle & AJ

Friday, November 19th

Today we celebrated Mickey Mouse’s birthday at UI Rehab in Livingston. What a special day! Following Disney karaoke and Disney arts & crafts, Mickey Mouse made a guest appearance to take photos with all who were interested. He even joined us as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Pedaiah.

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