Occupational Therapy

UIRehab’s Occupational Therapy program has been developed specifically for adults who are living with brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other neurological conditions and focuses on gaining independence in a wide range of daily life skills.


Our home and community-based occupational therapy services are part of the continuum of care that concentrates on improving the attainment and application of skills in the areas of physical and cognitive functioning, mobility, social integration, productivity, perception of self, interpersonal relationships, and independent living skills.  The overall goal of this therapy is to promote our Clients’ ability to perform daily activities in a way that enhances their quality of life and makes it possible to enjoy independent living.

Our Occupational Therapy department emphasizes functional independence through the value of “occupation” to maximize quality of life.  We provide our clients with individualized goals tailored to their specific needs.  Our skilled therapists offer a variety of innovative interventions to address and remediate impaired abilities through activities of daily living skills (ADLs) including self-feeding, grooming, dressing, and other self-care tasks.   Our treatment consists of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach focusing not only on physical aspects, but cognition, vision, psychosocial practice, and sensory integration.

To optimize a Client’s ability to perform his or her ADL tasks as independently and as safely as possible, the need for assistive and adapted services are addressed.  We also focus on life skills such as cooking, community reintegration, job readiness, and home management skills.

The Livingston, NJ Branch of Universal Institute and Rehabilitation offers unique and emergent treatment approaches. Some offered modalities that set us apart are the SaeboVR, BTE Simulator, and state of the art sensory gym. 

The SaeboVR is the world’s first FDA-approved ADL (Activities of Daily Living) focused virtual reality rehabilitation system. The Occupational Therapy Department in Livingston became the first facility in the United States to offer this innovative virtual reality technology to clients.

The BTE Simulator replicates hundreds of real world job and daily living functions. The stimulator has a comprehensive set of attachments and objective documentation designed for use with a broad range of clients.

The sensory gym on site provides our clients with a sensory safe, interactive and calming environment to increase independence, ease stress in social situations, and promote sensory integration.

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