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TRU vocational program is dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of our clients with traumatic brain injuries and developmental disabilities through meaningful, client-centered vocational services.  Our therapists, employment specialists, and direct care team work in unison to support our clients in achieving their personal vocational goals and aspirations.  Our vocational team aims to support our clients in exploring vocational interests, identifying their strengths, and exploring opportunities that bring a sense of meaning, fulfillment, and purpose.

TRU offers vocational training, volunteer options, and supported employment opportunities. Our vocational training sessions are facilitated by skilled therapists and employment specialists who focus on work readiness skills such as resume building, interviewing skills, social skills, and team building. TRU staff are readily available to support clients in discussing and trialing work responsibilities within our different work spaces. Supported employment options provide clients with on the job coaching and instructions with goals of building new skills and promoting independence. Through community partnerships and connections with outside organizations, volunteer options and community-based events are also widely promoted within our program.

TRU strives to continue its mission and vision of providing services that develop and enhance the skills necessary to promote vocational success, independence, and community integration.

TRU vocational center is divided into several work spaces. Each space is supervised and supported by an employment specialist to offer our clients the accommodations and supports necessary to successfully execute their work responsibilities. Our work spaces are as follows:

  • Our front desk reception space and computer lounge offers our clients clerical responsibilities such as directing phone calls, mailing, filing documents, shredding, and customer service skills. We also offer computer-based work where clients can type, research, and utilize a variety of computer programs (i.e., Microsoft word, excel, publisher) during their work shifts. Within the computer lounge space, creative writing opportunities are also offered to those interested in contributing to the Universal Newsletter.
  • Our art lounge offers work options suited for those interested in hands-on, procedural assignments utilizing a large variety of materials such as fabrics, textiles, paints and more. The art lounge is prepared with structured assignments as well as options for clients to complete independent projects.
  • Our wood shop space provides wood-working options for those interested in sanding, painting, building and refurbishing furniture. Individuals within this program are offered the opportunities to engage in the preparation, planning, and execution of a large variety of wood working projects.
  • Our library offers clients the opportunity to check out books and movies. The occupational therapy department has worked to incorporate online resources and utilize the library for many of their sessions. Clients maintain inventory of these items and support the maintenance (i.e., organization) of this setting.

Work opportunities in Livingston are not limited to the TRU space. Our Livingston vocational program offers a variety of work options across the main rehabilitation facility and human resources department. Below are some of our off-site work options:

  • Jerry’s Snack Shack and lounge serves a variety of snack and beverage options for purchase. Toiletry items are also retailed within this setting. Employment opportunities within this space include handling cash transactions, restocking inventory, and maintenance of the store space.
  • The Recycling Crew members are responsible for collection and sorting of recycling bins within the rehab facility. Our recycling crew members end their shifts with a trip to the recycling center to drop off materials gathered. 
  • Our Leadership Program offers opportunities to those interested in taking on a group facilitation role within the rehab. Our client facilitators collaborate with the vocational services coordinator and the enrichment coordinator to lead groups within the day program and life skills centers (e.g., arts & crafts, aerobics instruction).
  • Front Desk Assistants within the Human Resources Department work under the supervision of the director and assistant director of the HR department. Our front desk assistant positions offer clerical work options within a corporate setting and aims to build vocational skills and promote independence.

cUIRated Gallery

Universal Institute’s cUIRated Gallery, located in Caldwell, New Jersey, is UIRehab’s community space that offers a variety of vocational and avocational opportunities to our clients. At cUIRated Gallery, therapists and staff strive to create an environment that is both fulfilling and productive by providing functional tasks for community-related events and partnerships.

When scheduled to work at cUIRated Gallery, clients are provided with work options that target skills and interests while focusing on community integration. A comprehensive overview of specific vocational opportunities is provided below:

  • cUIRated Gallery Community Partnerships; Vocational Integration

Located in the prime location of downtown Caldwell, there are an abundance of shops and businesses who cUIRated Gallery collaborates with that offer vocational training opportunities for our clients. Therapists and employment specialists support clients in their respective roles in these community-integrated positions. Clients who participate in our community-based vocational integration program must demonstrate responsibility and commitment to their vocational goals.

  • cUIRated Gallery Community Partnerships; Volunteer & Service Integration

Here at cUIRated Gallery, we support our clients’ desire to contribute to the community on a volunteer and service-oriented basis. Therefore, we have established community partnerships with several non-profit organizations and services agencies that provide our clients with the opportunities to get involved. cUIRated Gallery employees assist clients with the coordination and the involvement in these inclusive community service opportunities.

  • cUIRated Gallery On-Site Vocational Options; Weekday Program

cUIRated Gallery is a community space that functions with the assistance of Universal Institute clients that participate in our vocational program. Every weekday, clients are scheduled at cUIRated Gallery to enhance their vocational goals while promoting vocational independence. While working on weekdays, Universal clients are assigned to clerical tasks, creativity-based tasks, and event-based tasks that focus on current temporal events happening in the community space.

  • cUIRated Gallery On-Site Vocational Options; Evening & Weekend Program

cUIRated Gallery offers evening and weekend vocational opportunities for Universal clients who choose to enhance their employment options through meaningful activities and events that are scheduled on evenings and weekends. Clients who choose to participate in evening and weekend vocational opportunities are encouraged to utilize their areas of interests and passions to foster a functional and fulfilling work environment outside of the typical workweek.

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Vocational services in Long Branch include a wide range of options from supported work to community placements. Our therapists, vocational specialist, and direct care staff work as a team to provide experiences and support needed to help our clients build vocational and prevocational skills. A few of our local community connections include the Division for Vocational Rehabilitation, Habitat for Humanity, consignment boutiques, bakeries, supermarkets, and gyms. Our services include paid positions as well as volunteer opportunities. Our team is always looking to the community to expand our services and opportunities for our clients.

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