Rehabilitation for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Adjusting to life with a traumatic brain injury can be a difficult transition, but does not have to be an obstacle to success.  UIRehab is a leading provider of rehabilitation and supportive-living services to individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurological conditions. 

Consultative services are offered for medical and rehabilitation challenges.

The Creative Side of Healing

Within our Art Therapy program, Clients utilize different art forms to enhance cognitive, emotional, social, and physical abilities. As part of our Structured Day Program, Clients have the option of participating in our art therapy open studio where they are provided with a variety of art supplies such as various painting tools, collage, drawing, and craft materials. Our studio allows each Client to develop his her own personal artistic style and express themselves through art while also relearning fine motor skills in a supportive social environment.

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