Structured Day Programs

Structured Day Program

UIRehab’s Structured Day Program has been developed specifically for adults who are living with brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other neurological conditions.  Services take place in our non-residential congregate rehabilitation setting, separate from our Clients’ residences.  Our team of therapists and health care professionals cultivate a positive, compassionate atmosphere that inspires hope, determination, and self-worth.

UI Structured Day

We care for & enrich lives through Person-Centered Care and Therapeutic Enrichment.  Our wonderful team of Direct Care Staff provide a positive, compassionate environment that instills hope and determination and develops clients’ functional skills and self-worth.

The T.E.A. (Therapeutic Enrichment & The Arts) Center provides a stimulating environment for our clients with traumatic brain injuries. The program integrates activities targeted in skilled therapy into the structured day program providing a continuum of care.   Clients participate in client-directed activities which improve their functional, cognitive and leisure skills and match their personal interests, goals and aspirations.

The Tech Center provides a structured environment for our clients with developmental disabilities. Clients participate in choice activities to progress their cognitive, leisure, and independent living skills.  Our program provides frequent opportunities to promote community inclusion through volunteer work and recreational outings.

The Life Skills Center provides a supportive environment for adults with developmental disabilities.  A quality on-site nursing team provides daily medical care.  Various activities target the continued development of clients’ life, leisure, and vocational skills.  Our clients are assembled into small groups with peers based on their physical, medical and behavioral needs.  Daily activities provide multi-sensory experiences and thematic learning.

Jerry’s Snack Shack is a fun space where clients can relax and socialize.  The lounge includes a seating area and client-run store with drinks, snacks, and personal items available for purchase.  A small computer lab provides clients access to the internet and computer programs.  Six private bathrooms are also available.

UI Structured Day Centers offer:

  • Daily Activities (i.e. Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Games, Current Events, Exercise, Sensory)
  • Fun Fridays and Special Events in collaboration with Vocational & Rehabilitation Programs
  • Community Outings (i.e. restaurants, museums, sporting events, theatre, movies, casino, mall)
  • Expressive Arts (i.e. Art Therapy, Therapeutic Music, Horticulture Therapy)
  • Spiritual Care for clients of different faiths (i.e. Bible study with pastor, holiday celebrations)
  • Hair and Nail Services provided by Licensed Cosmetologists
  • Professional Entertainment (i.e. musicians, DJ, performers)
  • Snoezlen Room/Sensory Room
  • Monthly Pet Therapy Visits
  • and much MORE!

Our enrichment groups provide a variety of opportunities for our clients to engage in learning experiences that encourage healthy lifestyles, increase independent skills, and pursue their passions and interests.  Enrichment sessions are facilitated each day by skilled therapists and community professionals in our day centers.  Clients are able to select sessions to participate in based on their personal interests.

Art Therapy Groups are led by a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist.  The group is designed to expand personal growth and creativity. Art directives and materials provided can be modified to meet the needs of each client. Art therapy is used to aid in problem solving, emotional identification, and increased self-esteem. The group also provides Psycho-education focusing on mental health, coping skills, and wellness.

Bible Study Group is led by a Local Pastor or the Therapeutic Enrichment Coordinator.  Clients gather to connect in fellowship, partner in prayer, and grow in their understanding of the Bible. Video clips, visuals and text are used to support understanding and expression of biblical concepts.  This group allows clients to explore their faith and elevate their hope through their recovery.

Creative Arts Group is a Speech Therapy led group that explores artistic outlets and opportunities for self-expression.  These collaborative projects foster skills in the realms of visual and written arts, including photography, video production and editing, painting, and poetry.   This forum requires clients to listen, understand, express their opinions, and work collectively to achieve a common goal.

Creative Writing and Visual Arts Group is an Occupational Therapist lead group that provides clients’ an outlet to build confidence, promote artistic self-expression, reduce stress, and utilize their imagination. It provides an outlet to express their thoughts, feelings and beliefs in unique way. A variety of mediums are used to give clients’ the opportunity to explore different aspects of both art and writing.

Indoor/Outdoor Sports Group is a Physical Therapist led fitness group, which provides various sports related activities that target clients endurance, balance, coordination, and standing tolerance.  Most activities are team based, paced competitions geared towards keeping clients motivated and allowing clients to practice their team working skills

Music Theory Group is a led by a Musician/Music Instructor from the community who develops clients’ skills for understanding, analyzing, and appreciating music.  Sessions cover material such a pitch, scales, intervals, rhythm, chords, and harmony.  Music genres, types of instruments, and the psychology of music are also discussed.

Poetry/Free Verse Group is facilitated by a Cognitive Therapist to guide clients in understanding the art of poetry. Clients learn about poetic styles, read poetry, and receive opportunities to demonstrate creativity through formulations of poems, memoirs, and songs. This forum allows clients to freely express themselves, discuss self-reflections, and promote social interactions about poetry with group members.

Semper Fitness Group is led by a Personal Trainer, Felix Erazo, who is NASM, CPT, CES, TRX, NESTA and MMACC Certified.  Clients experience a one of a kind exercise regimen specifically tailored to the individual needs of those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Felix incorporates his extensive background as a corrective exercise specialist, expertise in various military and combat sport domains, and his high energy to create an individualized approach for bettering health and wellness within the TBI community.

Sports Talk Group is an Occupational Therapist lead group devoted entirely to discussion of sporting events. The program is characterized by an often extensive debate and analysis by all group members drawn to the training, focus, loyalty, competitiveness and identity of individual and team performances that are hallmarks of sports culture.

Sensory Art Group is held weekly with the Occupational Therapy Department and the Therapeutic Enrichment Coordinator who come together to facilitate Sensory Art for the Life Skills Center. This group provides the clients with the opportunity to socialize and explore various mediums utilizing our everyday senses. Universal tools used for artistic exploration are adapted to meet the needs and goals for each individual client. Each session is designed to target multiple components of our senses such as auditory, tactile, visual, and olfactory stimuli to maximize client participation.

Walking and Wheelchair Group is Physical Therapist led group, which focuses on endurance training and community mobility while exploring the areas surrounding the Universal facility.  The goal is to provide clients additional opportunity to navigate community obstacles and different terrain to improve balance, safety awareness, and independence.   During this group, participants are also engaged in conversations, environmental scanning, and other similar activities, which trains their ability to perform dual tasks.

Yoga and Pilates Group is an Occupational Therapist led fitness group that is designed to help clients build strength, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness. All poses are modified and adapted to meet the needs of each participant to allow for clients of all levels to experience the benefits of Yoga and Pilates.

Additional enrichment groups targeting vocational skills are offered at our TRU Vocational Center.

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