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Welcome to our Day Program

Welcome to our Day Program page! We have an endless amount of activities and events that take place right on premises at both of our New Jersey locations. Click on the title of each article to go to that post. We update this page regularly so please check back here often!

Baking with Suzie
October 2023

We don’t know why or how it happens, but something about the fall weather activates the baking gene inside all of us. Especially over the past few years…

Petting Zoo
September 2023

You know what they always say – if you can’t make it to the zoo, then bring the zoo to you. At least, that’s what WE say whenever we plan a petting zoo event…

Starry Night Summer Formal
August 2023

Get ready to feast your eyes on a lot of pictures. This is our Starry Night Summer Formal, the follow up event to the first ever Summer Prom…

Tropical Bird Show
July 2023

If there’s one activity that will always be a hit with the clients, it’s anything to do with animals. And when we say animals, we mean the entire breadth of the…

Police, EMS + Military
May 2023

There’s a lot of fun and play to be had at our day program throughout the year – parades, carnivals, petting farms, and Christmas bazaars, just to name a few…

Women’s History Month
March 2023

The women of Universal are many things – tough, intelligent, professional, creative – but there is one quality that defines them more than any other…

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