Summer 2022


If you’re looking for our posts from the Summer 2022 season, you’ve found them! This season was especially action packed – from karate, to a summer carnival, to our very own prom – there were no shortage of activities and events for the clients. Click on the title of each article to go to that post.

Summer Carnival
August 2022

It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to this year’s summer. But while all good things must come to an end, it doesn’t mean they have to end quietly…

August 2022

There are rare moments that rise above even our greatest expectations, as if some invisible force works on our behalf without us being aware…

June 2022

Long Branch clients practice their coordination and balance while keeping active during their karate classes…

June 2022

We’ve all heard about it by now. If you haven’t, you may still be wondering what those loud thwacks are as you’ve walked by the park…

Pride Week
June 2022

For the Livingston UI Family, it was another week and another wild Fun Friday! In honor of Pride Month the clients chose the first week…

Book Club
June 2022

There’s nothing like getting lost within the depths of a great book – and the clients agree. Book club is a group therapy session led by…

NJ Sharing Network
June 2022

For the past ten years the UI facilities in New Jersey have participated in the NJ Sharing Network’s annual 5K run, also known as, “The Celebration of Life”…



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