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Welcome to our Community page! Please enjoy these articles and photos from our community outings and community partnerships. Click on the title of each article to go to that post. We update this page regularly so check back here often!

Out of Sight Alpacas
May 2023

There are only two kinds of people in this world: cat people and dog people. While those two groups will never be able to fully understand each other…

Bowling + Arcade
May 2023

Here on Planet Earth, it’s a fact that we all must learn to grow up as we get older – you know, all those serious responsibilities and such…

Morris Museum
April 2023

The average person probably doesn’t associate New Jersey with Britain, epic battles, or the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution…

The Cornerstone Project
January 2023

When we talk about community, we mean much more than taking the clients out to football games, Broadway shows, or tropical islands…

Mt. Airy + The Poconos
August 2022

What a summer this has been for the UI Rehab family; we may be biased but we don’t know of any group of clients more spoiled than ours…

Bermuda, Baby!
July 2022

If your definition of a community outing is an international cruise to a Caribbean island then you’re in the right place. Cruise vacations with clients…

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