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Welcome to our Therapy page! One of our most distinctive features as a facility is the innovative therapies we provide for our clients – therapies that cannot be found anywhere else. Please enjoy these articles and photos from both within and beyond our walls. Click on the title of each article to go to that post. We update this page regularly so check back here often!

Horticulture Therapy
February 2023

Let’s get down and dirty right away – gardening is the bee’s knees. There have been more and more studies conducted which show that simply…

January 2023

While our Livingston location takes up a good portion of our website posts, we have an extraordinary team of people at our Long Branch location…

Christmas Creativity
December 2022

We’ve been swept away by the Christmas spirit and we want everyone to know it. During the holiday season each year we channel our most…

November 2022

Good friends and great food – when it comes down to it, isn’t that really what the holidays are all about? Our Long Branch facility seems to think so…

Rock Climbing
October 2022

At Universal, we believe that all mountains can be conquered, including the indoor ones. With that philosophy in mind we have continued to look…

Equestrian Therapy
October 2022

Winston Churchill once said that no hour of life is wasted when spent in a saddle. Missy Lyons declared that, “in riding a horse, we borrow freedom”…

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