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Welcome to our Therapy page! One of our most distinctive features as a facility is the innovative therapies we provide for our clients – therapies that cannot be found anywhere else. Please enjoy these articles and photos from both within and beyond our walls. Click on the title of each article to go to that post. We update this page regularly so check back here often!

LifeTown Pool Therapy
January 2024

We haven’t been this excited about a community partnership in a very long time, and that’s coming from the most energetic rehab facility on the…

Essex Golf Center
August 2023

When we say that our therapy is innovative and unique, we’re not exaggerating. What you’re looking at is not a Saturday morning tee time with…

Activity Spotlight: Basketball
July 2023

Welcome to the first post of our Activity Spotlight series. What is this new Activity Spotlight series, you ask? Well, it’s straightforward – when arriving at…

The Active Gym
June 2023

We are not the kind of facility to rest on our laurels. As we have continued to expand our Livingston Day Program over the past five years…

Pen Pals
April 2023

Texting pals? FaceTime pals? No, we’re talking about pen pals – that thing you’ll have to teach your children and grandchildren about years from now…

Horticulture Therapy
February 2023

Let’s get down and dirty right away – gardening is the bee’s knees. There have been more and more studies conducted which show that simply…

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